Saturday, November 15, 2014

Options, Options

My brain is still turning, but I am happy about deciding to go back to songwriting again. However, my problems are not far behind as I am still conflicted about not only what I should do in life, but what is it that I like to do, and what will provide monetary relief. Some people get seriously angry when you mention money around any artistic venture, but too bad for them, a person has to make money or they can't afford to do what they love. The perfect setting is making it in your desired field and going with the flow of abundance the universe provides. But more often than not, the universe is hanging out with a Kardashian. Oh boy, those pictures! So, I still need to find a way to make the, I know it's a dirty word, CASH. Shiver.

Also, writing is still a huge source of happiness, so I'm not going to stop doing that. Actually, I'm still under contract for a third book, which is a great thing. I'm really proud of it and look forward to the edits. And there are a few other writing projects I want to get off the ground, so the literary portion of my life is still at Go.

But wait, there's more . . .

I love angels and spirituality, so you might see some of that here. I'd love to do something with art and angels, and I'm also drawn to astrology. That's probably going to come into play here on the blog. Bear with me as I go through this mess of 'too many' ideas and ventures. There might be days when you come here and I'm all like, "Here's the new song I wrote," and then the next day, "Do you know who your guardian angel is?"Adding: I just started a new blog called Earth Spirit Girl. I think that will help keep things organized.

Also, I might try to do wedding event planning as something keeps pushing me to at least try it. With the same-sex marriage ban being lifted in so many states, it looks like it could be a great time for that sort of venture. The time has come for same-sex couples to come together in a lawful, loving union. I think they will show the opposite-sex couples what it means to have a true balance of power in a relationship. Give and take. No more of this macho, John Wayne crap. No more old world dogma. The new world is love and balance. It is happening and it is for our benefit.

So, that's what is happening here in Kansas. How are things in your neck of the woods?


  1. Amy, you write well and you sing beautifully and I wish you everything you wish yourself. Love Molly xx

    1. As always, much appreciated, Molly. Much love to you!


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