Total Eclipse of the Blog

Hello, dear readers! Are you in the path of the eclipse? Did you buy the special glasses? I am sort of in the path and bought glasses . . . however they are currently with my kids at school so personally I am screwed. But that's okay! I am going to take pictures of it through my phone whilst wearing cheap plastic UV shades and a brimmed hat. Hopefully my eyes will make it out safe after all of this. Kind of like being able to see things.

For the occasion, my darling girl made a video. She's into editing and does a pretty darn good job at it, actually, I think does a GREAT job. I hope you like it, and, Happy Eclipse 2017!



  1. Hi Amy. Really loved Julia's video. My grandaughter is in New York for 6 weeks. I spoke to her today. She will be able to see the eclipse at one o clock. So exciting! Take care to wear the correct glasses. Eyes are precious. Love Molly xx

    1. Molly, how exciting for you daughter, and for you to be able to hear about her trip! I've always wanted to see New York because of the architecture, maybe one day. I hope she was able to see the eclipse! xx

  2. Good for Julia. She did a great job on the video.

    We had the glasses which we purchased a couple of weeks ago for a buck. If I knew they would be such a big commodity. I would have bought more. I hope that you did not take any chances with your eyes, Amy. You could have watched it on TV like my cat did.

    1. Love that your cat watched it on TV! I wish I'd thought of those eclipse glasses and bought stock in them, lol. Someone was on the ball!

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