Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My highest goal as a writer and human, is to have the one thing which I admire in other artists, and that is grace. No jealousy--there's room enough in the world for every idea and plot, or song, or melody. No bitterness--I want to learn, not shut down or put up walls. More than anything, I want to walk through any situation and know that I was present, and left a positive imprint so that whoever witnessed my passing may be inspired. It is in homage to every artist that ever drew me out of my sadness, or hopeless feelings of despair. I want to show them the proof of their passing in my life. I could never do that by hurting anyone, or being quick to the draw with my words or actions. The only way to show grace is to be kind and strong, and to perform at the highest level one can perform at. This is my true desire, beyond anything else, and the legacy that I hope to leave behind.

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