Okay, so now I'm obsessed with Superman. I watched the old 1978 movie with the kids last week and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it again. I've worn out all three Spiderman discs so it's nice to have a new superhero to dream over. Christopher Reeves was just perfect as Superman wasn't he? He was tall, thick, hooooooottttt. And he had that sort of nerdy gentleness which is so hard to find in the male species. When you think about everything that happened to Christopher in real life, and how he truly was a Superman in every way--both thought and action--well, it makes me a little weepy. What an inspiration!

Julia and Liam were so inspired by the movie that they fought over who got to wear Liam's Superman pajamas. I guess Julia won, because she wore it all day yesterday running back and forth through the hall on her tiptoes, cape flying behind in red flashes. Then last night, I walked into the bedroom and saw Liam in a dress and Julia in the Superman getup. Liam had lipstick all over his mouth and Julia was playing with his hair. I said, causally, and without alarm, "What're you guys doing?" She answered back, "Putting make-up on Liam." "Okay, carry on." They came out later and Julia said, "Liam is my girlfriend."

I think we can now safely say that my kids should be home-schooled.

Moving on. Superman had to endure wearing a brightly colored suit against the scrutiny of all evil forces. I can learn a lot from him and from the carefree plays of children who haven't yet been shamed into submission. I can be proud of the work I do and let others enjoy it, and not care if some people hate it. Flaws in my work may be like a bright colored suit, but they are only a surface problem and highly fixable. What is important is intent. My intent is to tell a story using every depth of every emotion I possess. It's also to be funny, to shed some wisdom, to touch someone. It's wonderful having that power. It makes me feel . . . super.



  1. Super, indeed. It's about that quiet, inner-peace and knowing of who we are. It's about all the little things.

  2. Tess, of course, said it did you! You have to be content with your work, that doesn't mean don't strive to be the best you can be. It just means to be happy within yourself.


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