Synaptic Party Sunday

Okay, so Spring Break is almost officially over. It was fun, but it'll be nice to get back to my regular schedule. For the month previous, I had myself in a nice state of lunacy where characters could come and sit for a while, feet on couch, wine in hand. So, I gotta put the old welcome mat out again and tell all those voices to come back and stay indefinitely.

Ferona . . . the chocolate is waiting.

And I can't leave without posting this video. I love, love, love this band and the trippy, organic lyrics of Dewey Bunnell.


  1. I hope your characters come back to stay! I love that you're already inticing them!!!

  2. Thank you, I do too! It's already getting better. There's that whole butt in chair thing that I am forcing myself to do, and that will get the ball rolling.

  3. I used to like that song too, but now - if I want nostalgia - I go back to 'Safety Dance' by 'Men Without Hats', as reminded to me by Ralfast - what a toon, what a video...

  4. Good luck! The problem with my characters is that they won't shut up long enough for me to figure things out. But I love them! : )

  5. Tom- I'll have to go listen to it.

    Kimberly- lol, well I usually have that problem and know what you mean about them not shutting up. Don't you love it when they keep you up at night?

  6. Good luck with the characters! I've been trying to get mine back for a couple weeks ;o)

    Love that song!!


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