Wednesday Trip Through Time

Today is going to be a lazy, just-post-a-video day. Here are some clips that will walk you through history, and hopefully, help you to forget all those modern troubles. Put away your cell phone and other gadgets, and try, try to forget that you are sitting at a computer.

Here is an amazing clip filmed by Thomas Edison in New York, 1901. You have to watch it all the way through because something really funny happens!

Here's an old Chevy commercial from the 1940's. Careful! That's Grandma's Present.

This one is really long, so watch it at will. I liked it because it reminded me of all those films we had to watch in grade school. At least every time the reel would flip out and the teacher had to loop it back into the projector. I miss that old whirring sound of the film flipping past the flickering light. Good times.

I gotta give you some 70's. The O'Jays with Love Train. OMG, the dancing in here is priceless—couldn't stop laughing! I actually really love this song. 70's soul music is the best. Groovy!

Years later we have . . . Greenwich VIllage 1981. This is another clip with a funny ending. You'll see.

Have a great Wednesday! Peace.


  1. Cool! But there's no way I'm putting away my mobile, sorry! :)

  2. Happy Wednesday Amy!!! I wish I could put away my mobile and electronic devices but it seems I'm addicted!

    Great videos, they were fun!

  3. Now I now where they got the idea for the Marilyn Monroe shot. ;)

  4. You are so right! It's very possible that they did, actually.

  5. lol... great fun on a wet and windy day!

  6. Glad I could bring some light to your day!


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