Ba-ba-ba-boo . . . Pennies From Heaven

I love Bing Crosby, and not just the Christmastime Bing, the 1940's blue-eyed crooner Bing. He had one of those voices that could melt a heart, take it out of its despair and turn it right side up again. I love old records like this.

You can just picture two people listening to this a long time ago. She's wearing red lipstick and has her shining hair all coifed up on top of her head. He smells like Old Spice and tobacco and is wearing a sweater vest over a long-sleeved cotton shirt. The room is dark, and the floor creaks as they dance. It's an old RCA Victor that they have the record spinning on; the thing crackles and whirs and a cold wind blows outside.


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