Sorry Honey, I ate cornflakes all day

I had to make an extra post because of something I read on the internet. Did you know that cornflakes were part of a "pure" vegetarian diet, including the avoidance of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine? Started by a Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, cornflakes were considered safe and bland; spices being considered a food that could incite "desires."

I just know them as the cereal you have to cover with a ton of sugar and eat really, really fast. If you wait too long, it's all over. Mush.


  1. Cornflakes were considered safe and bland. I don't know about safe, but bland sure holds up.

  2. And yet, I do like them once in a while. But only, as I said, with a ton of sugar.

  3. Didn't know that. But I do like my cornflakes mushy. But I pretty much like all of my cereal like that. Weird, I know. :)

  4. That's not strange . . . haha. My mom used to buy Grapenuts cereal. Yuck! That stuff was like soggy rocks. Again, sugar intervention was a necessity.

  5. I just saw your attempt to rewrite my query. Very well done, but I wondered who would take the time to make such an effort. Then I saw your signature.


  6. You're welcome! You already had all the good stuff in there, but it just needed to be broken down and tightened up. I hope it helps you get some offers for fulls!


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