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There's two things I know: One, the Snuggle bear is creepy, and Two, I love looking crap up on the computer.

I'm stuck in an avalanche of early photography methods with a dozen Google pages opened and saved for reference. I know that one tiny bit of misinformation will catch someone's eye and lead to my getting dragged out to a courtyard for a stoning.

I've read about Autochrome, an early color photography method developed by the Lumiere brothers using potato starch. Then dry plate methods, wet plate methods, camera styles, flash compounds, developing chemicals, etc. Did you know people still use these methods today? You can actually take a square piece of glass, mix together a silver gelatin coating, expose it using an old accordion style camera, and then develop as they would have in the old days?

It's kind of interesting how gelatin based negatives have been around all this time until now with the digital age. Amazing and sad how so many things that were "hands on" have been replaced by computers.

And what do I get from learning all of this? A few measly paragraphs. I had one up for a second but I think it still needs work! : )~


  1. Gosh Amy, that's something I didn't know - that negatives were actually gelatin based. Hope you're story is going well. xx

  2. Thank you Molly! Though I think your blog beats me information wise. Wow! I'm still impressed!

  3. At college we used to spend hours in 'The Dark Room'. If I mentioned that to a present-day art student, he probably wouldn't know what I was talking about.

  4. Always learning something new when I hop from blog to blog (which is why I love to visit)!!!

    I'm a google girl through and through. Never know what good stuff you're going to fun!

  5. Oh, I so agree with you on that Snuggle bear! Here in the UK, they have these android-like puppies for toilet paper,and they're just as creepy!

  6. Cro- probably not, but from all this research I did find out there are classes available to learn all the old techniques. They're "retro" now : )

    Jen- Google rocks!

    Talli- Android puppies sound super scary. Especially for toilet paper : (


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