Time Trick

I finished "Henri Rubie's Dream." It is, in my opinion, a tear jerker. But I would never want to assume anything. Maybe it's a knee-slapper!

Anyway, you may remember a loooong time ago I spoke about a story with (a little sex) in it. It was set in 1979 like all the other stories from Woodsocket '79, but the premise was bugging me. I did not like the motivation for Henri and his wife to be mad at each other and then make up with (cough, sex).

So, I let it sit. And sit. And finally recently I had an idea that the story could be set in the early 1900's. The whole thing would start off with Henri in a nursing home and he'd reminisce. I love American Victoria and, having worked at a library, knew enough to get started. Henri would be a photographer from New York, Corinthia would be a simple country girl. And there would be a problem that, if not solved within the time-frame of this story, would remain a sorrow for the rest of their lives.

It was kind of interesting transferring a modern family and putting them way into the past. Kind of fun! They were still themselves, they still had the same problems, really, but their speech and surroundings were altered just a bit.

Now off to the next story, a tale about Skylab 1979. Woodsocket is gonna be a paranoid mess.


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