Food, food, food

Having kids means having neighbor kids too. It's not a bad thing, my neighbor kids are cute and funny, but they're eating me out of house and home. First it started with wanting a cookie, or may I have some juice? And now they march right in the door and rip open my fridge. I say, "No, no no. Kitchen is closed." "But I'm hungry." I look at the clock. It's 6:00 pm and I know they've had dinner. "Sorry, but I think you ate already." "Nope, I didn't eat. I want some spaghetti." At first I was lavishing them with all the food they say they have to have. I don't like denying kids when they say they're hungry. But then, after one particular visit where both my kids' dinners were devoured, and then the eating fest kept going and going I finally said, "I think that's enough. Kitchen is closed. If you want food from now on you have to ask." Come to find out, they had been eating before coming over, so it wasn't an issue of being hungry. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

I guess there must be some emotional issue with food. I'm just going to have to be firm and do what my mom used to do . . . buy crappy generic products, all high-fiber and no sugar stuff. That'll fix the problem.


  1. I used to say, "just a minute..I'll call your mom and see if she minds if you have something to eat over here." Mom usually ordered them home and gave them a talking to.

  2. I have my grandchildren this summer. It is a food frenzy all day long. I finally set up times for eating (10 am snack and 3 pm snack) and it seems to be working.

  3. Offer them Spaghetti with snake gizzard sauce, or French fries with green snake bile. If they jump about and say 'YES!', you'd be within your rights to phone the kiddy-pound.

    We used to have neighbour's children who'd come round and ask to use the loo..... we didn't like to ask!

  4. I told the little boy last night that I could not feed him as he'd already had dinner, and he said, "You have to feed me."

    They're good kids, I just need to be firm from now on. I'm afraid the word's gotten around that I'm the lady who makes great cookies, and that's all a kid has to hear. Darn this talent!

  5. Amy - I know all about the word getting around - don't I just! During the 70's before we moved down here - we lived on a housing estate. I made a birthday party for my 5 year old - the table was all laid - tap, tap .... 'Can Kev come out to play?' A little uninvited head peered around the door.
    Me ...' We're having a party but you can come in!' And then another kid and another .... - it was pure bedlam. They cotton on with the speed of light and yes you do need to be firm. Good luck!


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