A pic and a cough

Okay, well out of three that I've seen this one is my favorite. Too bad I didn't get a tan this summer! We went to the pool quite a bit early on, but then it got so hot we ended up inside most days and all that nice color just faded like it was the middle of winter.

Anyway . . . I am sick. This has been a busy, stressful week. What I didn't tell you was that I had to take care of my niece and nephew for three days, plus my own kiddos. On Tuesday I had the photo shoot, a radio spot with my dear friend Marshall—and then my friend who runs website for the show Big Brother who asked me to write a blog once or twice a week needed an extra piece and I had to rush one out! Good problems to have, really. Wednesday night it was school open house. Thursday I took the kids to the fair. Then I came down with a huge cold. I guess it's true that our bodies can only take so much. Last night I lay down in bed and watched old movies on TCM with the kids. I really liked the first movie Midnight with Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche and John Barrymore (whom I found extremely attractive in this role, even though it was rumored he was drunk the whole time and had to read cue-cards). Liam kept trying to kiss Claudette and then the scene would change and he'd end up kissing Don Ameche. We had a good laugh about that. He said he thought Claudette was beautiful, and she was. One of my favorite movies is It Happened One Night starring her and Clark Gable. Great movie.

Then Julia thought it would be great to put makeup on me while I lay there in bed, and I ended up with lipstick and powder all over my face. Kind of sweet, I know. Being sick ain't fun, but my kids make it enjoyable. That is . . . until I saw what they had done to the house. On their little trips out of the room, Julia had made cherry sugar candy using a pile of white sugar and cherry syrup, and chocolate gooey cake (again lots of sugar). Liam had gotten out every toy he owned, and there was a trail of stuff everywhere. Not kidding. So, this morning I had to drag my butt out of bed to clean it all. But I'm not complaining! I love these kids so much. Seeing Liam kiss Claudette Colbert was so cute. I'd clean the house a million times for moments like that.

So that's the status report. Oh, and school starts this week so I'll have some free time again to visit blogs and write blogs and just . . . write. That's amazing.


  1. Hoping you get over that cold soon.

  2. Great Pic, Amy. If the others are anywhere as good you'll have a difficult choice!

  3. Thank you. Cough, cough. Don't get too close!

  4. That's a really nice photo! And why do you hate your nose? Your face is absolutely stunning. I wouldn't change a thing!

    So sorry you've got a cold :o( But glad you have happy moments to make things brighter :o)

  5. ...the aches and pains failed to steal the beauty from that pic ;)

    Get well soon, Amy.


  6. Jessica, thank you. I'll try to love my nose more. Not today though! It's too stuffy.

    Elliot, thank you as well. : )

  7. Great picture Amy, no tan necessary.

    Sounds like you had a busy week, but with school bells just around the corner, relief is in sight. I have always loved the summer, but I do remember how much I looked forward to September when I was raising my children. Around the middle of August, all the kids and I were ready for school to start. Now I have my grandchildren a few days a week and they are getting a little rammy and itching to go back to see their friends and begin the new year.

  8. I love your picture, Amy. You sound as if you've had a bit of a week. Hope you're feeling better soon

  9. You've chosen your shooter well, Amy - a very flattering photo of you there. I'm sure the other shots will be great too.

    Never a dull moment with kids around,lol...

  10. Very nice, looks like it should be on an album cover!


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