Two more

Here are two more. This guy is such a great photographer. He's been working on these to give them all those nice little effects and tone correction ( I don't know what you call it, but he has gone beyond all my expectations). It goes without saying how glad I am that I found him.

I look a little like Melissa Etheridge here, which is cool.

And this one just looks like me.

And that's it. Time to focus on getting the cd out and moving away from this photo stuff which was good, wonderful, scary and too much for me to handle at times. Also time to focus on writing. A few months ago I sent out a ton of short stories, and hopefully I won't get all rejections. If things go right, a few could get published in journals late fall or into winter. Fingers crossed. It's funny, after I felt the relief of signing a publishing contract, my mind moved on to the next impossible challenge of lit journal acceptance. After that, I think the next goal would be to get something published in The New Yorker. Bob Dylan once sang, "When I write my masterpiece," well, I wonder if anyone should really write their masterpiece until the last grain of sand is about to tumble down the hourglass. But then, I think many people write or paint or sculpt theirs somewhere in the middle and don't even know it. Probably best not to think about it.


  1. Amy you look stunning, beautiful! I knew you could fly - just watch that CD go and your writing too xxxxx

  2. I like those two...especially the close up.

  3. Amy, you see that you worried for no reason. All the pictures are beautiful. I do like the first one best (from your previous post) though because I see so many emotions and vulnerablity in that picture. The way you were posed makes me want to know what you are thinking, what your songs may say. However, the photographer caught that look in your eyes in all the photos.

    Genius can be viewed at any time in our lives. It may not be noticed, but it is still there. I recently read about a man who wrote his prize winning novel at 98. Unfortunately, he had destroyed all his other works after being passed over so many times. How sad, as that brilliance was probably in most of his other writings also. If I remember correctly, he died at about age 102, with a new book about to be published.

  4. Thank you for looking at them. I'm glad to be moving back to the unseen world of writing! : )

    It's so impetuous to destroy past works, like that. But I guess I can understand his frustration. Doesn't it seem like in old movies some writer character was always throwing a manuscript into the fireplace? And then the wife would go dig it out, haha.

  5. More natural, easy to look at pics. You should do more (honestly) as you're very photogenic.

    In the past, I've shot* many a pro model that wasn't...

    *not with a gun lol

  6. These are great! So glad you're feeling good about the photos. Btw, if you'd like a list of places I've been successful with my short stories drop me an email and I'll rattle them off. There's one in there that's a great place to start. The editor is all up for exposing new or emerging writers and if the writing is good, and fits with the theme of the anthology well, she's not very picky at all. Here's the site: and here's the list of anthologies open for subs:

  7. Encouraging words Chris, Thanks for that!

    Jessica, thank you!


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