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My last post got me thinking about other phenomenons of time and space that will probably never happen, but it's fun to wonder "if." For instance, what if we had ten lives that ran parallel to each other, like lanes on a rack track; we all start off at the same spot, and time is still standard time, but each of "us" runs the race different. It would be like we intuitively know the happenings in each lane and are affected by it, but we're so concentrated on our current one that we just keep moving until we reach the end, or fall down, or pull a hamstring. Eventually we'd find something that would allow us to jump in each lane and experience the lives which are going better. But would we run the risk of destroying "our" life/lane by doing so? What if trying to find a good life, happiness, success, only makes sorrow and failure worse?

Or . . . what if when we die, we instantly go back to our life again as a baby, and each time we have that little bit of knowledge from our past trial to help us make a better life each time? Like playing cards, hoping for a good hand, playing over and over until we get a win, then when we win it's all over--we die and The End.

Or . . . what if dreams are real life, and our awake times are us dreaming? If you were an insomniac then you'd be drawing more and more away from your reality, slowly dying.

I could go on.


  1. Are you sure we're not related?

  2. Perhaps we are! : ) By thought process.

  3. Who really knows where the answers lie.

    10 lives, oh my, one is exhausting enough!

  4. Reincarnation as yourself is pretty much what I believe... I first heard about it in P D Ouspensky's A New Model of the Universe. Only his idea was that, once we've learned the lesson of this life, after reliving it many times, we get reincarnated in the past. It's all a big race back in time to solve all the world's problems by solving the original problem. Also, he thought that premonitions and general feelings of dread or thrilled expectation were memories of what happened to us last time.

    I'm not so keen on the first part, but I do believe in the second part.

  5. It is impossible not to be reincarnated - or at least, that's what I believe. It's a big thing which many people have gone completely mad trying to find out. When the mad man believes himself to be God, it is the very realisation of the truth of his belief tat turns him mad.

    There is a curse in a good science-fiction book, and it is 'The Curse of All Knowledge', when someone is inflicted with the knowledge of everything - absolutely everything - and his human frame cannot cope, so turns into dust and blows away with the wind.

    Don't worry, be happy.

  6. Talysman-Never read it, so thanks for the tip.

    Tom- I wonder if knowing everything would be that bad. If we were able to adjust our minds to accept limitless amounts of information, we would be enlightened as opposed to burdened by an infinite knowledge. Perhaps we have memory storage where everything is categorized to fit, and to access, without weighing us down.


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