Still cloudy. But I have a funny story. I think I've mentioned the kids next door that come over a lot. Well, they're adorable children, and my kids are far from perfect, but we've had issues with them coming in and just grabbing whatever food they can find. I mean, literally, before I can even close the door someone has opened a cabinet and poured themselves a bowl of cereal. I'm a gentle person (despite my New Yorker post a few down) and like to tackle these things in a calm, but sure, manner. Here's the funny part though, after all this bad activity the kids came over last weekend and there were some fortune cookies laying on the counter. Julia read her fortune and it said, "You are kind to your friends." I was like, huh, that's not a future, that's more like a statement. A true statement, at that. So, her friend opens hers and it says, "You lie too much." Well, I thought it was funny!

Last night Liam managed to stick a wad of silly putty in his hair. I heard him crying, "Mamma, Mamma! Help!" He'd only made things worse by trying to pull it out--silly putty had mashed and surrounded a good portion of hair. I grabbed some olive oil and shampoo and put him in the tub. An hour later and we were good to go, although his hair looks like an Exxon oil spill today. But no silly putty.

How's your day going? Is it Friday yet?


  1. Poor Liam...that must have been upsetting for him. You have a cool head when it comes to disasters.

  2. I've had to learn though. One of my pet peeves is adults whining at kids, or rubbing mistakes in their faces instead of helping them through the mistake. I stay calm so that I can get past all that stuff.

  3. Truth in the biscuits:0)
    You're a good Mama!
    And it's Friday tomorrow xxxx

  4. Oh my, I remember those Silly Putty moments when I was raising my kids. It was either in their hair or the rugs. Don't remember how I got it out, but I remember the anxiety.

  5. And never so to sleep with chewing gum in your mouth.... I'm not going into details, but it took a week to get it off!

  6. Been there with the kids. Do what I did and attach a car battery to the cupboard handles. CCKKKKKKK!!!!!

    It's Friday here now. Have a great (silly puuty free) weekend Amy! :-)


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